Mavericks League Announces New Schedule Format

The Mavericks Independent Baseball League has adopted a new scheduling format for the 2nd half of their inaugural season.  The schedule will take affect Thursday, July 1, 2021.  While the League’s game days and game times will remain unchanged – playing every Thursday (6:35pm), Friday (6:35pm), Saturday (1:00pm and 6:35pm), Sunday (1:00pm and 6:35pm) – the schedule will now feature 3-game series’ versus the same opponent.  For instance, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes will host the Salem Senators on Thursday, July 1 and again on Saturday, July 3 and Sunday July 4 and the Campesinos de Salem-Keizer will play the Portland Mavericks a 3-game set July 2, 3, & 4. 
“We’re excited about the new format,” said League CEO Mickey Walker.  “This will allow teams to really match-up and see who has the best overall team over the stretch of 3 consecutive games.” Jack Cain, Mavericks League Commissioner, noted that all the Mavericks League managers were supportive of the 3-game series format and said it would further enhance the competition within the League.  Cain said, “Now the teams will be playing to ‘win the series’ and that will bring added intensity to the game.”  The schedule for the remainder of June will not be affected.  
Tickets for all remaining Mavericks League games, including the Patriotic Salute Weekend (July 2, 3, 4) are currently on sale at or can be purchased by calling 503.390.2225. 

Complete 2021 Mavericks League Regular Season Schedule beginning July 1, 2021


  1. This is going to cause confusion for a lot of season ticket holders. Before I received my tickets in May i had to decide which team I was going to support. I picked the Senators (big mistake they are the worse team of the 4, (I’ve heard people refer to the Senators as a “good” high school team). I know most season ticket holders have committed to supporting “their” team, even buying shirts and hats. Now our July and August tickets will be for the wrong games or for 2 teams that neither are the Senators. If tickets (for July & August) are going to be wrong do I continue going to Senators games or for games on the “dates” printed on the tickets I have (many of these games will not include the Senators). People will need clarity. Thanks, Bob Edmondson

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